What are your hot dogs made out of? How are they cooked?

Our hot dogs are Dietz & Watson brand that are made of beef & pork!
Robyn has been open for over 30 years and boils the hot dogs and sausages. We have endless toppings to create your perfect hot dog your way! 

Do you provide bathrooms?

No, we do not provide bathrooms.  
We are styled as a grab and go business. A way for you to fuel up on your way to the shore, canoeing, or whatever is bringing you to the pines! 

When are you open?

Since the business is conducted outdoors, we are weather permitting.
If you would like constant updates please refer to our Facebook page: Hot Diggidy Dog and our Instagram: @hotdigdog89 for updates.

If you have any questions please email: hotdigdog89@gmail.com

What else do you have besides hot dogs & sausages?

We have an assortment of candy, icecream, chips, and drinks. Come cool off with our famous sno-cones with 18 different flavors to choose from!